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    Gregory Syvrud

    Pete Melloy put on the best shoot that I have ever been too. All the help he brought in did a fantastic job. Targets were fantastic and everything ran like clockwork. It was such an awesome experience. Thank you Pete and your awesome crew.

    Greg Syvrud

    Pete Melloy

    Greg, the whole state of Wisconsin and entire Midwest-
    Thank you for the continued support everyone has given us. Hosting a World Championship in our home state was the most gratifying experience I have ever been a part of. Competitors from all over the United States and World coming to the great state of Wisconsin. The sportsmanship and competitive drive exhibited all week long was a beautiful sight to see. Thank you for all of you who participated in this prestigious event.
    After traveling the country and World I will say there is no place like home. We have some of the best people and events in the country and now the World…. all here in Wisconsin. A special thanks certainly goes to all our voluntolds oops I mean volunteers. Local target setters, Clint Dricken, Steve Knoll, Tyler Melloy, Nate Wannebo. Out of state Target setters Gary Fitzjarrel and Jon Kruger. And International target setter Jamie Peckham.

    Our normal team was at it for 3 weeks with some really long days with the weather we were getting up to event. Make sure you thank them for all there hard work.
    Kellie Melloy, Kaitlyn Melloy, Tyler Melloy, Jackson Melloy, Nate Wannebo, Danny Bond, Trevor Pals and many of there friends who helped them pull this off.

    Club owners that spent there week up here making sure this event went off right were also instrumental
    John Barr (Hunts point host of 2024 MN state sporting Championship)
    Steve and Diane Redmann (J&H)
    Gary Fitzjarel (FLC shooting grounds)

    Clubs who contributed traps and gun racks etc
    Mitch Coyour (coyland creek)
    David Penn and Bob Burditt (Horse and Hunt Club)
    John Barr (Hunts Point)
    South St. Paul Gun Club
    Randy Voss (caribou gun club)

    Our scoring team was fantastic as always Amy Janz, Kendra Brittner Casey Chase and Danielle

    Our trappers, garbage collectors (6-30 yard dumpsters), course water, ice, snacks, trap loaders, road maintenance crew, trailer, camper and car parking….this is just the tip of the ice berg. But a huge thank you to all that are a part of the club who made sure this was a successful event. We have had raving reviews from all over the world about how this has been one of the best all around world championships ever! Without all of the support we had this would not have been possible. A huge thank you to All of our local staff and shooters who made us proud….. we hope that we made all of you proud.

    Pete and the G/U crew

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