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    Diane Redmann

    I have only had 2 people request a golf cart for the state FITASC. The rental company will only deliver if we rent 10 carts. There isn’t a spot on ScoreChaser to rent a cart, so if anyone wants one PLEASE E-MAIL ME ASAP!!!! Diane

    Steve is working hard on the courses for both the Bay Classic and the State FITASC. He will be using a course he used last year at the state shoot to give shooters a new view. And, yes, the Super Sporting will have the singles both days.

    If you plan to shoot FITASC, please register ASAP so that we make sure we have enough of everything. So far only 46 shooters and we are having 6 parcours which means we are paying 6 referees!

    Hope to see you soon.

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