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    Pete Melloy

    As Gene Pointed out there were 2 dates on the schedule. The Correct Dates for the Federal HOA Cup are June 10-12th.

    This is going to be the biggest money shoot in the state outside of the state shoot. You don’t want to miss this. It will be on score chaser soon. We are still working out a few details on how to input the program into Score Chaser.

    Thank you Federal for Sponsoring this prestigious event.

    I will be back on here soon with all the details. Until then Good Shooting!

    -Pete Melloy


    Pete – this is great news for GU and the WSCA shooters – we now have a premier shoot each month leading up to the State Shoot!
    -State Fitasc

    Thanks for finding an industry sponsor for this and giving back to the competitors!

    Luke Villwock

    HOA 400 is live on scorechaser!

    Luke Villwock

    200 target main event. $20 per entry back to class purse. Flight 1 8:30 sat, 11:30 sun. Flight 2 11:30 sat, 2:30 sun. Flight 3 2:30 sat, 8:30 sun.

    100 target FITASC. $20 per entry back to class purse. Flight 1 9:00 fri, 1:00 fri. Flight 2 8:30 sat, 2:30 sun. Flight 3 10:30 sat, 12:30 sun. Flight 4 12:30 sat, 10:30 sun. Flight 5 2:30 sat, 8:30 sun.

    50 target 5 stand. $10 per entry back to class purse.

    50 target super sport. $10 per entry back to class purse. European rotation. Friday – Sunday 8:30 am – 3:30 pm. Last squad out by 2:30 Sunday.

    $10,000 Federal HOA bonus money!!! Winner determined by scores on all 4 events combined. Shoot Federal or Remington ammunition to be eligible. Payouts determined percentage-wise based on number of shooters in each class. 60/40 split.

    Pete Melloy

    We have some really nice money brewing in this event Don’t miss out. A few Clarifications for those of you that may have additional questions.

    Pay out Structure for back to class money as well as Federal HOA Bonus money ($10k)

    If there is less than 20 shooters in a class payout will be 1st and 2nd 60/40 split

    If there is 20 or more shooters in a class payout will be 1st 2nd and 3rd 50/30/20 split

    HOA Bonus money will be distributed by percentage of shooters in the shoot by class. It is also out of 400 targets. All 4 events
    For Simple math here is an Example;

    100 competitors total

    30-Master Class (50/30/20 split) $3,000 + back to class money additional to HOA$
    20-AA Class (50/30/20 split) $2,000
    10-A Class (60/40 split) $1,000
    15-B Class (60/40 split) $1,500
    13-C Class (60/40 split) $1,300
    7- D Class (60/40 Split) $700
    5- E Class (60/40 split) $500

    In addition We will have Premium Federal ammo and Remington ammo available on site at an affordable price.

    We are looking forward to throwing some great events this year and hope to see everyone here!

    Thank you,
    Pete and the G/U Crew.

    Pete Melloy

    Federal HOA Cup is coming up next weekend. You can shoot over 3 days or complete all events on sat/sun if desired. This will be the biggest payout shoot in the state outside of the state shoot! If you think you are a top shooter in your class and you perform…..most likely you will see your biggest payout in sporting clays career. Or if you just love the game and want to prepare for some big targets at Northbrook for this years regional this is probably your best opportunity to do that! Sign up is available on score chaser.

    Thank you Team Federal for sponsoring this Event!
    (Ammo will be available onsite for all competitors)

    -Team G/U

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