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Pete Melloy, 2020 WSCA HOF Inductee

2020 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Pete Melloy


NSCA #545002

Shooting Accomplishments:

Wisconsin State Champion – 2017 & 2018

Wisconsin FITASC – Champion 2012
– Runner-Up 2014 & 2016

Wisconsin Ironman – Champion 2010, 2012, 2013, 2018
-Runner-Up – 2017

Wisconsin Open All-State Team – 2011, 2018, 2019

Total NSCA Registered Targets as of 8/1/2018:  58,247

John Krumrey, 2018 WSCA HOF Inductee

2018 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – John Krumrey


NSCA #531449

Shooting Accomplishments:

WI State Champion (2011)

4 Time WI All State Open Team (2005, 2010, 2011 & 2012)

WI All State Team Captain (2012)

Ironman HOA RU (2009)

3 Time Ironman Leg Champion (2000, 2009 & 2017)

2 Time Miller Lite WI Champion (2005 & 2006)

2 Time WI State FITASC Champion (2007 & 2008)

5 Time WI State FITASC RU (2006, 2010, 2011, 2013 & 2017)

2000 WI State 5-Stand Champion

2003 WI State Prelim Champion

2005 WI State 28 Ga Champion

2010 WI State 28 Ga Champion

2011 WI State True Pair Prelim Champion

2011 WI State 20 Ga Champion

2011 WI State Super Sport Champion

First Shooter to Shoot 100 Straight in the main event of their home State Championship in the US (2011)

First Husband & Wife To Concurrently Win a State Championship in the US (2011)

Total NSCA Registered Targets as of 8/1/2018:  99575

Shooting Biography:

John Krumrey started shooting at 8 years old, carrying a bb gun while hunting with his dad Karl.  From there it progressed to air rifle, bow, shot gun and rifle.  He was known as a great shot whether it was hunting ducks, deer, coyotes, rabbits, grouse, geese, pheasants etc.

John’s introduction to sporting clay’s was once with some friends but he didn’t think that it was very good for improving his hunting skills so he never went back.  Then his girlfriend Paula Benbow (now his wife) started shooting sporting clay’s after hunting grouse with him and wanting to improve her bird hunting skills.  About a year after she had started shooting clay’s, she finally talked him into going to a clay’s course.  She shot more clay’s than he did.  That is when he decided to get serious about shooting sporting clay’s.  He registered that month, July of 1999 and has been shooting ever since.  John is a natural and has the discipline to focus when needed.  His natural ability was enhanced by initial instruction from Allen Dunbar and various one time instruction from other great National shooters.  However, coaching from Pat Lieske really helped shape the shooter he has become.  His shooting record above reflects his great shooting ability.  He is honored to join a great group of people by his induction into the WSCA Hall of Fame.

Jason Schladweiler

2015 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Jason Schladweiler

NSCA #535871

Registered Targets at Induction:  24,650

Jason fell in love with shooting at the formidable age of 12, when most kids are riding their bikes around town or playing pickup games of basketball. As a youngster, Jason began shooting with his grandpa and WSCA Super Vet shooter, Percy Gunderson in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. Since Jason didn’t yet have any income to speak of, he spent much of his time reloading shells for Percy to “pay” for his shells. Serving time as a trapper, Jason earned his shooting rounds to continue pursuing the sport he loved to share with Percy. Percy would serve as his mentor, guide, travel companion, and friend for many years to come as they transitioned from shooting trap to shooting sporting clays, which was quickly gaining popularity in western Wisconsin.

After taking a few teenage years off, Jason began spending much of his spare time shooting at Whispering Emerald Ridge Game Farm in Menomonie practicing, and practicing some more with much help from Mike Kettner, Percy and other fellow shooters. Jason’s son, Cory, and first wife, Michelle would join him in shooting as they continued to travel the circuit in Wisconsin and neighboring states, adding to his honors as he progressed through the ranks. In 2005, Jason achieved the long sought-after rank of Master Class shooter while simultaneously winning the Wisconsin State Ironman. Many new life-long friends and memories were made along the way with each event. Eventually, it was at Whispering Emerald Ridge where he would meet his current wife, Jess, and where they would also be married years later.

One thing most people don’t know about Jason is that he shoots with an old Browning Gold Clay gun that is worth about $300… on a GOOD day. It is affectionately called “The Mutt Gun” due to the gun having several other gun parts and pieces swapped out during his travels and competitions. Everyone who knows him knows that he always has a spare trigger assembly and/or a spare gun just in case. The “Mutt Gun” has been rebuilt at least two times by Browning, and by our estimation, has had at least 100,000 rounds through it. The gun was spray-painted an ugly chameleon color with hideous hues of bronze, green, and brown by Jason after he added a “custom” palm swell after making use of a Bondo fiberglass car repair kit he had in the garage. Adding to the “Mutt Gun’s” likeness, after realizing the clamp-style barrel weight was scratching his barrel, Jason fitted a piece of his everyday life as a cement finisher to the gun as a replacement. A spare piece of polished rebar now graces the end of his magazine cap. It is most likely the ugliest at any given tournament, but it seems to do the trick for him. The “Mutt Gun” is one that will be faithfully by his side at every shooting competition.

As a lifetime member of the NSCA, Jason will continue to be involved in shooting throughout his life. He enjoys hunting big game, small game, and everything between. Jason also enjoys travelling, riding motorcycles, and spending time with his family. He hopes to pass on the tradition in any way possible, whether coaching or simply introducing others to sporting clays, and will forever be thankful to his family, friends, and grandfather Percy for their continued support and encouragement of his sporting clays endeavors.


2011 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Gene Arnold

NSCA #534509

Total NSCA Registered Targets – 24,450 at induction

1st Ever 100 Straight in WSCA History

100×100 Bay Classic, Little Creek, July 10, 2004

99×100 2007 Ironman, 2008 Ironman, 2011 at Firebird

50×50 2006 Miller Lite 5-Stand Champion

Wisconsin State Championships

2002 WI State 3rd Overall

2003 WI State M2, WI State 28ga Champion, 410ga Runner-Up

2004 410ga Runner-Up

2008 Preliminary Super Sporting Runner-Up

All State Teams

2003, 2004 Open Team

2005 Master Class

Wisconsin Ironman Results

2006, 2007, 2008 Combined HOA Runner-Up

2009, 2011 3rd Overall

2008 HOA Medford 99×100, HOA J&H 94×100

2007 HOA Little Creek 99×100

2006 HOA Little Creek 95×100

2004 HOA Little Creek 93×100

2003 HOA J&H 97×100

2002 HOA Wausau 84×100

Miller Lite Championships

2008 410ga Runner-Up

2006 5-Stand Champion 50×50, 410ga Champion

2005 410ga Runner-Up

2004 20ga Champion, 410ga Runner-Up

2003 28ga Runner-Up

North Zone Champion

2003, 2004


Gene Arnold was born in Rice Lake, WI to Bruce & Marlene Arnold. He has one brother, Scot. Gene graduated from Rice Lake High School in 1979 and UW-Eau Claire in 1984.

Gene has been employed with Kimberly-Clark Corporation since 1984.

In 1980 he married his wife Patti. They currently live in Sherwood, WI with their two kids Brett and Casey. Brett is a junior at UW-Madison and Casey will be a freshman at UW_Eau Claire this fall.

Gene started shooting trap when he was 10 years old with a single-shot 12 gauge. After he shot a 23×25 with the single shot on his first round of trap, his father figured he better buy him a real shotgun. They promply went to the local gun dealer and bought a Remington 870 TB, a gun that Gene still cherishes to this day. He broked his first 200 straight at the age of 15 and achieved the 27 yard line at the age of 17. While he beat his father to these major milestones his father still brags about beating him to 50 straight!

After he graduated from High School he took a break from shotgun sports (he had to pay for college!). In 1998 he went to shoot Sporting Clays with his good friend and neighbor, Dick Stewart, and has been hooked on the sport since.

Jeff Hautamaki

2010 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Jeff Hautamaki

NSCA #521007
Age: 44
Total NSCA Registered Targets – 42,350

7 Time WI All State Open Team

2 Time WI All State Open Team Captain

Wisconsin State Championships

2008 – 100 Pre-Lim Champ, Master Class Champ

2007 – 1st Runner Up

2006 – 1st Runner Up

2005 – Master Class Champ, HAA Champ, State FITASC Champ

2004 – State Champ

2002 – 1st Runner Up

1996 – Class D Champ

Jeff is the youngest of four children born to Mr. and Mrs. William Hautamaki. Jeff grew up in Germantown, WI and graduated from Washington High School, where he lettered in baseball, football and weight lifting.

After high school, he entered the United States Army. While stationed in Texas, he met and married Starlynn, his wife of 22 years.

They moved back to Wisconsin where Jeff went to work as a carpenter. Jeff now owns and operates his own carpentry/contracting business… Northpoint Builders.

Jeff has always been an avid “bird buster”, training his own dogs and eventually running and judging in Shoot-To-Retreive field trials. When one of the clubs he was training at bought a sporting clays trailer, a couple of friends asked him to shoot on their team. This was Jeff’s introduction to Sporting Clays and he has been hooked ever since! Practicing for shooting in field trials soon became shooting registered Sporting Clays.

In 1999, Jeff was in a serious car accident and broke his neck. Not knowing if he would be able to shoot again, Jeff realized how much he enjoyed the sport and how much he would miss it. Thank God for prayers and support of family and friends, Jeff was able to return to regular activities.

Over the years, Jeff has been able to shoot with many different people and at many different clubs throughout Wisconsin, Illinois and at the Nationals in Texas.

The genuine comaraderie of shooters from Wisconsin makes Jeff proud to be from this state and from the Sporting Clays group. Jeff is a dedicated member of both Waukesha Gun Club and West Bend Barton Gun Club.

Jeff’s passion and dedication to the sport is second to none.

Steve Greene

2009 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Steve Greene

NSCA #504203
Wisconsin Awards listed below. Please click on the following for a full record of Steve’s accomplishments.
Total NSCA Registered Targets – 52,400 at induction

WI All-State 1st Team – 1996-97 and 2006-2007

Wisconsin State Championship

Main Event – Champion 1995, RU 1998, 3rd 1996

Master 3rd (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, AA – 2nd 1994)

FITASC – Champion 2006, RU 2008 and 2009

SxS – Champion 2007

.410 Champion 2004 (50×50)

28 gauge – Champion 2006, RU 2007

Champion of Champions – Master Champion 2007)

Allen Dunbar

2008 WSCA Hall of Fame Inductee – Allen Dunbar

NSCA #504516
Total NSCA Registered Targets – 30,650 at induction

WI All-State 1st Team – 1995-97, 1999 & 2000

All-State 2nd Team, 1994


North Zone Champion

North Zone Over-All Champion

North Zone High-Gun

State Championship HOA

28ga. State Champion

.410 State Champion

Iron Man Champion – 1996 & 1999

Iron Man RU – 1997


28ga. Champion (multiple years)

.410 Champion

20ga RU Champion

.410 RU Champion

Krieghoff Cup Runner Up

Big Pig 28ga. Champion

Allen has also served the sport and its shooters in many ways:

* NSCA Wisconsin State Delegate (Multpile Years)

* NSCA Zone 5 Coordinator

* NSCA Level II Certified Shooting Instructor