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04/23-04/24 – WI Ironman

Sign up for the WI Ironman can be found on Score Chaser: https://app.scorechaser.com/tournament-Q0LRHGTE0OCWB1 Read more

04/29-05/01 Cranberry 200 @ Woods & Meadow

Sign up for the Cranberry 200 can be found on Score Chaser: https://app.scorechaser.com/tournament-RG0FBOUJAR0WI5 Read more

05/13-05/15 Leinies 200

Sign-up for the Leinies 200 can be found on Score Chaser: https://app.scorechaser.com/tournament-G0BOEJIUJA0QWa Read more

06/10-06/12 Federal HOA Cup 400 @ Game Unlimited

Sign up for the Federal Cup can be found on Score Chaser: https://app.scorechaser.com/tournament-P0RGXLEHBSF0U1 Read more

08/10-08/14 WI State Championship @ Waukesha Gun Club

Sign up for the 2022 WI State Championship is available on Score Chaser: https://app.scorechaser.com/tournament-0OOZBJCRKN0TAa Read more